Where are the pedophiles in your neighborhood…in your neighborhood…

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…they’re in your neighborhood…

There was just a segment on Fox and Friends and they shared this website FamilyWatchdog.us It’s pretty enlightening and frightening at the same time. It points out offenders and the location of schools. The pinpoints on the map are a little off, but the address information was on target.

Seriously – tattoos


UK considering chemical castration for sex offenders.

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Sex pests ‘could have hormone injections’

Sex offenders could be forced to have hormone injections under radical plans to tackle crime being considered by Downing Street.Strategists think the injections – effectively the “chemical castration” of sexual predators to suppress their urges – would help prevent attacks.The controversial proposal is one of a number being looked at by Tony Blair’s strategy unit as part of the Prime Minister’s policy review.Other ideas include installing microchips in the mentally ill to monitor their behaviour and sending text messages to parents to warn them a paedophile is at large in their area.

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mrped1.pngThey’ve come up with some creative solutions there but there is old technology that may work. Facial tattoos. Kind of like the Mr. Yuk sticker of the new millenium. Schools could have special assemblies like we did in the old days pointing out what the tattoo looks like and what to do if you see someone with that tattoo near the playground.

Yes, I am saying this with tongue in cheek (sort of). But when I read about “text messaging” parents, I thought this made more sense.