I urge you to take a look at Michelle Malkin’s Baghdad Photo Album!

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Head on over to Michelle Malkin’s blog and check out her photos from Iraq. They’re fantastic.

Update: I liked this perspective from Riehl World View:

Differing Views On Iraq

Hillary goes to Iraq and comes back proposing war limits.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 17 — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday called President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq “a losing strategy” and proposed placing new limits on the White House’s conduct of the war.

Bryan and Michelle visit Iraq and come back with several images …. and thoughts on how we can win.

The question is, who do you believe? And why, or why not?

Personally, I’d believe Bryan and Michelle as they have a better history of telling the truth.

Michelle Malkin is back from Baghdad

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Michelle Malkin and colleague, Bryan Preston, are back after embedding with U.S. Army troops at Forward Operating Base Justice in northern Baghdad. I’m glad to hear that Michelle plans an exclusive to the New York Post on the not so stellar reporting by the AP and today’s blog entry will be followed up with more of her adventures in Baghdad.


Bryan Preston’s account at HotAir.com

Video at HotAir

Update: Audio Interview of Michelle Malkin by Laura Ingraham via HotAir.com

More from Bryan

Terrorist believes in Women and Children First

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See Dubya of Junkyard Blog is sitting in (blogging in?) for Michelle Malkin today and reports on the unsuccessful terrorists who attempted an attack similar to the July 7, 2005, London bombings. He pulls this sick quote from the Telegraph.co.uk:

One man, Muktar Ibrahim, 28, had actually turned so that the rucksack on his back was pointing towards a mother with her child in a pushchair as he tried to detonate the bomb in a tunnel on the Victoria Line causing “panic, fear and confusion”.

The detonators went off, but the hydrogen peroxide and chapati flour mixture, surrounded by nuts and bolts to cause maximum damage and carnage, did not ignite, Mr Sweeney said.

The rest of the blog post can be found here: Degenerate Psychopaths Stand Trial in London