The new Government Auto Warranty Program!

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No need to worry. The Obama’s administration’s got your GM or Chrysler covered. Everyone calm down now…

My head is exploding listening to Obama on the Auto Industry

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As though he freaking knows everything about everything auto and business related. I can feel a disturbance in the force here in Southeast Michigan. Everyone’s heads are exploding right now in the region.

So now the government owns your GM or Chrysler warranties. I can remember a year or so ago as I cried out against universal health care that we should watch out as the government may someday take over car repair. It was a joke! Now it’s not.

Have you driven a Ford lately?

Obama Requests and GM President, Rick Wagoner, Steps Down

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Does anyone else find this shocking? Frightening? A bit fascist?


WASHINGTON — General Motors Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Richard Wagoner will step down immediately as part of President Barack Obama’s aid plan for the automaker, a person familiar said today.

The unexpected move by Wagoner, who has served as chief executive for eight years and worked at GM for more than three decades, comes just ahead of a rollout of the terms under which Obama will extend more aid to GM and Chrysler.

Wagoner was asked by the administration to step aside, and agreed to leave. It was not clear who would replace him; chief operating officer Fritz Henderson would appear to be the most likely candidate.

GM declined to comment.

Maybe Obama just didn’t like how GM was a big sponsor of conservative talk radio?