Rosie Schools Us on Physics and Popular Mechanics Schools Her

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As the daughter of a mechanical engineer, I was lucky to grow up with Popular Mechanics. Honestly, I’d forgotten about that magazine over the years, but was happy to see it jumping into the fray and hopefully shutting up Rosie (though that is doubtful).

It is seriously upsetting that this woman has a podium from which to spew blatant idiocy. I’m not an engineer, but I realized the steel beams in the WTC buildings didn’t actually “melt.”

Here’s what Popular Mechanics had to say. 

What killed 10-year-old Abir Aramin?

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According to the New York Times:

A 10-year-old Palestinian girl, Abir Aramin, died Friday from wounds sustained when she was hit by fire from the Israeli border police on Tuesday in the West Bank town of Anata, near Jerusalem, Palestinian witnesses and relatives said. Abir and her classmates were on recess from school when the Israeli forces fired on stone-throwing Palestinians with rubber bullets and stun grenades, according to the Palestinians.

Abir was hit in the head and collapsed, the Palestinians said. The border police said they were investigating the report.

Camera Snapshots found this report:

Girl allegedly killed by Border Police may have been hit by rock
By Jonathan Lis and Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz Correspondents

Ten-year-old Abir Aramin was apparently killed by a blunt object, and not by a rubber bullet, as some eyewitnesses claimed, according to the autopsy findings.

Aramin, of the West Bank village of Anata near Jerusalem, died last Thursday of injuries incurred two days earlier as she was standing near the entrance to her elementary school.

Eyewitnesses blamed her death on Border Police in the vicinity, but disagreed over the cause, with some saying that she was struck by a rubber bullet and others citing a shock grenade.

Apparently Camera has contacted the AP and NYT and is awaiting an update – so far only crickets chirping.

Cure for AIDS! Terror list shiekh has all the answers…

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Come one, come all, I have here in this mysterious bottle the cure for what ails you! That’s basically the equivalent to what this guy is saying but I think he has some sort of machine instead of snake oil in a bottle. But we really can’t be sure because he’s not revealing much except that he’d share the cure with the US if he’s removed from the terrorist watchlist.



The link to the full video is here. And a thank you to Allah Pundit at

Terrorist believes in Women and Children First ~ Redux

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Just wanted to point out that they seemed to target more women:

University bombing kills 60

A CAR bomb and a suicide bomber killed 60 people and wounded 110 more, including many students blown up as they waited for cars to take them home at the entrance to a university in Baghdad.

“The majority of those killed are female students who were on their way home,” an official at the historic al-Mustansiriya University’s media office said.

A police source said a car bomb exploded near the main gate of the university in an area where students wait for minibuses and cars to pick them up to go home. A suicide bomber then blew himself up near a second gate to the university as people fled the first explosion.

Read more at HotAir

Terrorist believes in Women and Children First

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See Dubya of Junkyard Blog is sitting in (blogging in?) for Michelle Malkin today and reports on the unsuccessful terrorists who attempted an attack similar to the July 7, 2005, London bombings. He pulls this sick quote from the

One man, Muktar Ibrahim, 28, had actually turned so that the rucksack on his back was pointing towards a mother with her child in a pushchair as he tried to detonate the bomb in a tunnel on the Victoria Line causing “panic, fear and confusion”.

The detonators went off, but the hydrogen peroxide and chapati flour mixture, surrounded by nuts and bolts to cause maximum damage and carnage, did not ignite, Mr Sweeney said.

The rest of the blog post can be found here: Degenerate Psychopaths Stand Trial in London