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I want to be careful with this post. A week ago was the March for Life which was on my mind Saturday as I attended the funeral mass for our neighbors’ 6 month old baby. He was born too early with many complications, yet his passing was still a complete shock as he was making so much typical baby progress in the past weeks. His parents and five older siblings described him as their hero

Grief cannot be described. What can an infant teach us? According to Father Tom; selfless love – complete and perfect – selfless love.

Nurse Debra Muhl's story – Deployed then Fired!

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Michelle Malkin has this story:

Debra Muhl, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, is a military nurse who has served in combat zones for 30 years. She works for Sutter Health, a health care provider in the Bay Area, as administrative director of the joint cardiac program

Or rather, she used to work for Sutter Health.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, she was fired last June just two days after letting her supervisor know that she was being sent to Iraq. Now, she has filed a federal lawsuit and it promises to be a very interesting case.

Malkin refers to other similar stories too. Take a look.

Can you crochet a baby blanket?

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I’ll probably get all of the logistics wrong for this new and wonderful charity – so I’ll give a short sweet explanation and then send you elsewhere for the indepth info.

Okay, I stumbled upon MarineCorpsMoms.com via a blogroll link. The first post on the site this morning was Operation Marine Corps Kids

A dear friend of mine who has long been involved in charity works has volunteered to head up an effort designed to support the quiet heroines of this war and the littlest heroes – the kids that miss their daddy but know that he is helping protect them against some very bad people. Operation Marine Corps Kids will launch soon. We’ll send care packages to the families of deployed troops when babies are born while the dad is deployed. The packages will include a hand crocheted baby afghan, perhaps a tiny cover (bonnet), or combat booties. With sufficient resources, we’ll be able to include a handmade toy for other kids in the family. It’s a small, but significant, gesture of love and support for those who keep the home fires burning alone.

Of course there are more details at MarineCorpsMoms.com, so please follow the link and check out the full details and participate if possible. Even if you can’t crochet, they are looking for donations of other children’s items and you can even help them by voting for MarineCorpsMoms.com as favorite MilBlog allowing them to win up to $3000 which they will put towards this new effort.

Take a moment for Mark Daily

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I learned about 2nd LT Mark Daily this morning from Michelle Malkin’s blog. He was killed in Mosul this past week in an IED attack. Take a moment to learn about him, pray for him, and thank him.

An excerpt from his MySpace, WHY I JOINED:

I joined the fight because it occurred to me that many modern day “humanists” who claim to possess a genuine concern for human beings throughout the world are in fact quite content to allow their fellow “global citizens” to suffer under the most hideous state apparatuses and conditions. Their excuses used to be my excuses. When asked why we shouldn’t confront the Ba’ath party, the Taliban or the various other tyrannies throughout this world, my answers would allude to vague notions of cultural tolerance (forcing women to wear a veil and stay indoors is such a quaint cultural tradition), the sanctity of national sovereignty (how eager we internationalists are to throw up borders to defend dictatorships!) or even a creeping suspicion of America’s intentions. When all else failed, I would retreat to my fragile moral ecosystem that years of living in peace and liberty had provided me. I would write off war because civilian casualties were guaranteed, or temporary alliances with illiberal forces would be made, or tank fuel was toxic for the environment. My fellow “humanists” and I would relish contently in our self righteous declaration of opposition against all military campaigns against dictatorships, congratulating one another for refusing to taint that aforementioned fragile moral ecosystem that many still cradle with all the revolutionary tenacity of the members of Rage Against the Machine and Greenday. Others would point to America’s historical support of Saddam Hussein, sighting it as hypocritical that we would now vilify him as a thug and a tyrant. Upon explaining that we did so to ward off the fiercely Islamist Iran, which was correctly identified as the greater threat at the time, eyes are rolled and hypocrisy is declared. Forgetting that America sided with Stalin to defeat Hitler, who was promptly confronted once the Nazis were destroyed, America’s initial engagement with Saddam and other regional actors is identified as the ultimate argument against America’s moral crusade.

And maybe it is. Maybe the reality of politics makes all political action inherently crude and immoral. Or maybe it is these adventures in philosophical masturbation that prevent people from ever taking any kind of effective action against men like Saddam Hussein. One thing is for certain, as disagreeable or as confusing as my decision to enter the fray may be, consider what peace vigils against genocide have accomplished lately. Consider that there are 19 year old soldiers from the Midwest who have never touched a college campus or a protest who have done more to uphold the universal legitimacy of representative government and individual rights by placing themselves between Iraqi voting lines and homicidal religious fanatics. Often times it is less about how clean your actions are and more about how pure your intentions are.

That was just a small bit from the middle of his explanation. Please read it for yourself at the MySpace link above.

In the Interests section under movies, he wrote this:

If you really want to understand me, watch Schindler’s List followed by Saving Private Ryan.

Peace be with you Mark Daily.