Political activism and video games

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Will Hillary commission a “Race to National Healthcare” video game as a way of campaigning? It is a distinct possibility thanks to Ian Bogost, a professor at Georgia Tech and founding partner of Persuasive Games. He insists that his games are “playable editorial cartoons.” Those editorial cartoons would be of the political variety, of course.

Just as the documentary developed as a potent force within the film industry, Bogost is among a growing number of designers who develop video games that focus and comment on the world’s social and political ills.

“I’m not against fun. I like to play the same video games everyone else does. But I don’t believe that video games have to be fun,” Bogost said. “I think they need to be given the opportunity to bother and disturb us.”

Howard Dean already took advantage of the video game campaign strategy:


The Howard Dean for Iowa Game - launched at Christmas 2003 to help Dean supporters understand grassroots outreach and to encourage them to participate in pre-caucus campaigning in Iowa or in their local area. Commissioned by Dean for America, the game was the first ever official U.S. Presidential Election game.

So if the current crew of presidential hopefuls were to come out with their own campaign video games, what would they be?

Old news – Hillary says, "I'm in."

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Hillary Rodham Clinton throws her beret in the ring…oh wait… Last week it was the mysterious background check on Barack Obama and his Muslim education in Indonesia and then Ms. Clinton makes her announcement on a Saturday of all days. There’s some speculation that it could possibly be due to the Sunday morning news shows. I kind of wonder if she wanted to give the conservative talk show hosts a couple of days to digest and burp. In any case, it’s official.

Click on the lovely picture and you will immediately be taken to HillaryClinton.com (lucky you). Allah Pundit immediately noticed the green foliage just outside the window. So just how long ago did she make this video? And because I’m obsessed with getting new living room furniture – I notice the hideous couch and clashing throw pillow. Oh, and there’s also that framed photo of Billary on the table in the background.

And remember kids:

If you work hard and play by the rules you can build a good life for yourself and your family.

I’m pretty sure they said that on a Blue’s Clues video too.

Hillary’s In


I was noseying around HillaryClinton.com and came to the “About” page entitled Mother & Advocate. On that page, her education and career are outlined and all the way at the bottom of the page is this line:

She also continued her legal career as a partner in a law firm.

Wonder what the name of that firm was? Anybody? Anybody?


I agree with Sensible Mom

She needs to do something about her hair.

Maybe it’s a “chick thing” to notice stuff like hair and couches?


Thanks for sharing this Allah Pundit


update.png Michelle Malkin declares “Hillary Savaged by the liberals on SNL.” Personally, I think it might have more to do with promoting Obama.

Is it too early in the morning for Dennis Kucinich?

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I hope I’m forgiven for posting this one so early in the morning. It’s strange – it’s musical – It’s DENNIS KUCINICH!

As I post this, there is only one comment at YouTube under this video:

This guy is like if Barney Fife ran for president.

Can’t say it much better than that.

Dennis Kucinich sings

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