Obama’s War on Women’s Independence

The Life of Julia is an insulting, patronizing, condescending, attack on women’s independence disguised as empowerment. The left throws that word, “empowerment,” around eagerly while typically being the side that feels they must shore up women lest they fail miserably without them. Sound familiar? I think it’s what President Bush referred to as the “soft bigotry of lowered expectations.”  Though, I don’t find it soft but instead rather blatant and hard.

Why is Julia so helpless? Seriously, why? Why does this woman flit along in life accepting whatever direction her government led by Barack Obama sends her as though she’s a cow being herded into the chutes with the other cattle until she ends up in that community garden waiting to die? Why? Who seriously wants to live like that?

Dependence on the government is a frightening thing. Remember, whatever the government gives you, the government can just as easily take away–with consequences of course. For instance, if Julia lived in Ohio in 2002 and her Zachary was born with a disability, the government would provide Early Intervention. But wait, there are too many in the system in her county in Ohio so her son is waitlisted for much needed Physical and Occupational Therapy (illegally I might add). No problem, Julia calls around looking for a private physical therapist who would offer services to her son, but much to her dismay, no one offers services like that to infants because it’s already offered for “free” through the government. Poor Julia, poor Zachary. Poor everyone depending on those services should they be pulled out from under them. Where would they go?

Let’s be serious. Julia would never have given birth to an imperfect Zachary. Obamacare provides for automatic invasive prenatal testing without regard to her young age and her low risk of having a child with Down syndrome. If Julia’s child receives a diagnosis of Down syndrome, her hand is held and she’s told how awful having a child with Down syndrome would be for her. She won’t be able to handle it, so her government will handle the “problem” for her with a free abortion.

How nice that Obamacare will offer invasive prenatal screening for Down syndrome regardless of age even though the chances of a 22 year old having a baby with Down syndrome is less than .2%. Julia finds it odd that in spite of her promiscuity, she won’t be offered a Pap Smear at that same age even though her chances of having HPV are 44.8%. Why do you suppose that is?

People have questioned where Julia’s husband is in this idyllic story (or if she even has a husband). Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan had a theory. Julia’s significant other was whisked away by the government under spurious evidence that he may have some remote tie to a terrorist organization. Julia won’t have to be bothered with him for a long, long time because under the NDAA, he can be detained indefinitely on this slight suspicion.

Such is the dream life of Julia. No adventure. No character-building experiences of failure and struggle. No satisfaction of knowing she is self-made.  But hey, she’s got that cool garden to look forward to.