Swiss Kindergarten Sex Box

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To be fair, they said they’d rename the kit–but seriously, the name is not the problem.

Christoph Eymann, Basel education minister and member of the liberal democrat party (LDP),  responded to parent’s protests in an interview with SonntagsBlick.

“It was no doubt stupid to call it a ’sex box’ – we will change that. But we will stick to our goal: to get across to children that sexuality is something natural. Without forcing anything upon them or taking anything away from their parents,“ he said.

“Without taking anything away from the parents,” except the ability to exempt their own children from the “lessons.”

Some parents have called for their children to be exempted from sex education. Eymann says he is strictly against exemptions, although he is aware this will not make him many friends:

“Primary school may be the only big audience that our society has. The shared values that it teaches are very important…”

In other words, not only can the parents not opt out, the Basel dude is admitting that having that captive audience, however young, is important for indoctrination.

How long before Sex Kits are jammed down our throats (sorry for that).