Powershift? Dolts on Parade with Pelosi’s Blessing

Words can barely describe this, but hey what the heck…  First of all, we’ve got the Nouveau-Hippies who have no purpose, don’t really want a purpose, but want everyone else to think they have and want a purpose in life.  They say stuff like

I don’t like money that much.  It, like, disassociates you from your food.  I’m like ‘I just have $5.00 so I’m just going to pay you this. Thank you for your food and thank you goodbye.’

Oh and this!

Do we ever think about us as a species and Transcending the Planet? To be able to leave the planet and to see the planet reproduce another species like ourselves that has the ability to reach a higher awareness and a higher level of life.

Dude – that’s already happened.  We’re called Conservatives!

This is a great video from Andrew Breitbart…