Another Reason to Fight Government Health Care

October 8, 2010 by
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I won’t dispute that all of the reasoning for hating what the Democrats are trying to shove down our throats in the health care arena is valid. For me, there is another layer to hate.

Putting our health care in the hands of the government also puts the cost of that health care in the hands of the citizenry. I’m upset about that, but that’s not where I’m going. Continue to follow me.

Think about it, if you’re paying for something, don’t you want to have a “say” in how that money is spent? Of course we’re all frustrated with the way our government spends our money, and most of the time, we don’t have a clue where it’s going. Maddening. However, it’s just a little bit different with health care. Continue to follow me.

While we won’t be able to see where all of the money goes, we will see it in our neighbors, in the older couple who selfishly wants to continue to live, the middle age couple who dared to flout the results of their amnio and gave birth to a child with Down syndrome, or in the terminally ill young adult who goes to any medical length to gain just a couple more years.

We’re told rationing won’t happen, but it’s completely inevitable.  When it does, the examples above will be seen as blatant burdens upon a system with diminishing resources. They will no longer be neighbors or that sweet family from the school. Everyone will now feel they have the right to comment on and insert themselves into the most intimate decisions of their neighbors lives–after all, who is paying for it?