Isn't this why everyone was so pissed at the Catholic Church?

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A drunken middle school teacher forces her students to dance with her as she “grinds” her bare bum against them.  Oh, and it’s caught on video by the students.   This sounds like grounds for dismissal, right?

“We told her, Miss Nelson, please pull up your pants’, and she did, but then they fell down again and she held them there,” the eighth-grader said, also noting her teacher did not appear to have on underwear.

“She was kinda grinding, like, putting her butt against you,” the student said.

Reports show Nelson had a blood-alcohol level of 0.26 and later ran from the school to a nearby community center where she was found passed out by a pool.

Apparently this wasn’t the first time she came to work drunk:

In a separate incident in October 2006, reports indicate Nelson failed to show up for a third-period class at Seven Spring Middle School. A school resource officer found Nelson passed out in her car surrounded by bottles of wine.

Instead of just suspending pending criminal action, the school district is moving her to another school pending a decision by the school board!

District administrators say Nelson remains on administrative leave pending a decision on her future by the Pasco County School Board.

A recommendation on how to discipline Nelson will be made during an April 21 school board meeting. The decision on whether or not to terminate her employment will ultimately be left up to the school board.

And finally:

She was ordered to change schools and undergo a substance abuse program, but remained employed with the Pasco County school district.